Stoneaged restaurant in henley in Arden

Socialeating at STONEAGED

Using hot stone is one of the oldest methods of cooking. With a lava stone dining, every mouthful is hot, tasty and succulent right to the very end.

The dry cooking process sears in the meat’s natural flavours and with no oils or fats, it’s tremendously healthy too! 

Sourced from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna in Italy, the rapidly cooling lava creates thousands of small air pockets to become forever trapped in each stone.  As a result, STONEAGED hot stones have proven to retain heat far longer than other granite cooking slabs. The stone is bought to your table at around 325 degrees.

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Stoneaged lava stone dining steak
Pizza at Stoneaged restaurant in Warwickshire
Seafood restaurant in Warwickshire

Pizza, pasta and steak

Lava boards and bowls are designed to ensure that food remains warm throughout the meal.

All steaks are sourced from Devon and Cornwall and have been aged for a minimum of 28 days. They come from ‘pure-bred’ cattle and carry the ‘red tractor’ quality assurance trade mark.

Steaks, fish or vegetarian stone meals are accompanied by flavour infused butters like coriander, lime and chilli or smoked garlic and parsley.

…your STONEAGED bonus

Don’t forget we have great wine offers exclusive to STONEAGED customers (see the tagged bottles) and a free portion of butter, sauce and chips with every steak stone meal ordered.

The state-of-the-art kitchen

It’s designed to enable the steak stones to be preheated to temperatures of between 280˚C and 350˚C. Otherwise it simply wouldn’t work. 

Stone baked pizzas are cooked in specially designed pizza ovens.

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at The White Swan Hotel
100 High Street
Warwickshire B95 5BY

Just a stone’s throw from Stratford upon Avon and Solihull, Warwick and Leamington Spa – at the heart of Shakespeare’s Warwickshire.

The White Swan Hotel
STONEAGED can be found in historic Henley-in-Arden. An inn has existed on this site since 1352 and The White Swan was first documented in 1358.

Free car park at the rear of the property